Halifax Mortgage For Over 65s with 70% loan to value

Halifax Mortgage For Over 65s for UK pensioners

A Halifax Mortgage For Over 65s could be ideal for your retirement if you want to release equity, move home or repay a traditional mortgage.

  • Mortgage options for over 65s at 70% loan to value
  • 3.91% fixed for life
  • Pay the outstanding balance to your existing lender
  • No maximum age limits
  • Sufficient income and a good credit history needed to get a mortgage


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Halifax Mortgage For Over 65s a mortgage deal much different from older borrowers lifetime mortgages

Mortgages for over 65s in the UK are quite common. There are a few different types of mortgages that are available to this age group and each has its own set of benefits. The most common type of mortgage for over 65s is a fixed rate mortgage. This type of mortgage offers the borrower a set interest rate for the term of the loan, which is usually between five and thirty years.

The benefit of a fixed rate mortgage is that it offers stability and predictability for the borrower, who knows exactly how much their monthly repayments will be. Another type of mortgage for over 65s is an adjustable rate mortgage. This type of mortgage has an interest rate that can fluctuate over time, in line with market conditions.

The benefit of an adjustable rate mortgage is that it can offer borrowers a lower interest rate if market rates fall. However, if market rates rise, the borrower’s monthly repayments will also increase. Mortgages for over 65s can also be either interest-only or repayment mortgages. An interest-only mortgage means that the borrower only pays the interest on the loan each month, while the repayment mortgage requires the borrower to make monthly repayments towards both the interest and the capital of the loan.

Halifax Mortgages For Over 65s retirement interest only mortgage

You can get low rates with a loan secured on your home

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Halifax Over 65 Mortgage and joint mortgage

Your means tested benefits could be impacted by specialist mortgages.


Halifax Mortgage Over 65 pensioner mortgage

This has an infinite interest only mortgage term that isn’t offered by many other UK lenders and smaller lenders.  Regular income is needed to get the right mortgage deal.


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