Halifax Equity Release 3.1% Fixed For Life

Halifax Equity Release Plans paid with sale proceeds


Is a Halifax equity release product right for you?

  • 3.1% fixed for life
  • For existing customers and new customers with a new property
  • Free valuation
  • Part of the equity release council
  • No negative equity guarantee
  • Optional monthly repayments
  • No arrangement fees
  • No early repayment charges – you can pay the loan early if you want
  • Get one lump sum or drawdown payments
  • Flexible personal circumstances
  • No equity release adviser fees
  • Pay off an outstanding loan
  • How much equity you can release based on your property value up to 65%
  • Get equity release advice in your local branch


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Halifax equity release safe product secured against your home

Equity release is a way of accessing the equity in your home if you are over the age of 55. equity release allows you to stay in your home for as long as you like while still freeing up cash to spend however you wish. There are two types of equity release products available in the UK: lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans.

With a lifetime mortgage, you take out a loan secured against your property. The loan plus interest is only repaid when you die or move into long-term care. With a home reversion plan, you sell all or part of your property to a provider in exchange for a lump sum or regular income payments. You have the right to stay in your property for as long as you like, but it will be sold when you die or move into long-term care to repay the loan.

If you have an outstanding mortgage on your property, you may still be able to equity release. However, you will need to use the equity release funds to pay off your existing mortgage first. This is because equity release products are only available on properties that are owned outright or have a small mortgage that can be easily paid off with the equity release proceeds.

The loan is repaid with the sale of your home and the money left is part of your estate.


Equity Release Halifax to pay an outstanding mortgage?

You can get independent legal advice before you consider Equity Release Halifax.  An independent financial adviser will tell you the type of equity release that is right for the tax free lump sum you need with the best interest rate – impartial financial advice is the key to keeping family members happy.

Halifax is a division of Bank of Scotland plc.

Bank of Scotland plc is registered with company number SC327000.

Their registered office is at The Mound, Edinburgh, EH1 1YZ.

They are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 169628.

Halifax Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage where you pay interest on the initial loan

Halifax Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage

You can sometimes get help and further advice from the financial ombudsman service with a firm reference number.

Halifax Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage

Halifax Mortgage For Over 60s for a one off lump sum with a low minimum age

Halifax Mortgage For Over 60S equity release refers to a full market value product

Halifax Mortgage For Over 60S

Halifax Mortgages For Over 65S personalised illustration

Halifax Mortgages For Over 65S

If you want to borrow money in the form of a big lump sum for something like home improvements taking out an equity release could be better than moving home in the long run.  Halifax Mortgages For Over 65S could be an option for you.

Halifax Mortgages For Over 75S with monthly payments

Halifax Mortgages For Over 75S

Halifax Mortgages For Over 75S

Halifax Mortgages For Pensioners equity release provider erc member

Halifax Mortgages For Pensioners

financial advisers will tell you what the retirement interest is during the equity release call.

Halifax Mortgages For Pensioners

Halifax Retirement Interest Only Mortgage Rates 2022 when you want to continue living without the need to move home

Halifax Retirement Interest Only Mortgage Rates 2022

Halifax Retirement Interest Only Mortgage Rates 2022

Newcastle Building Society Equity Release equity release mortgages

Newcastle Building Society Equity Release interest only mortgages

Newcastle Building Society Equity Release

Halifax Mortgages For Over 70S equity release agreement

Halifax Mortgages For Over 70S

Taking equity release out to pay back an old standard mortgage can be better than downsizing your home or moving to a cheaper area, but the amount you owe could grow over time.   Your entitlement to means tested benefits could be impacted.

Halifax Mortgages For Over 70S


Halifax equity release under 55 – what is the interest rate?

Halifax equity release for under 55 is 3.1% APRC fixed for life.  It’s a very low rate Halifax equity release scheme.

Can I use an equity release loan for releasing equity from a buy to let property?

Yes, an equity release mortgage can be used based on the market value of your property so you can access your property wealth without regular payments.

Do I have to get an equity release lifetime mortgage professional advice service?

No, but it could be wise to get help from someone with a specialist qualification.

Does equity release affect benefits?

Yes, equity release schemes can affect means tested benefits – you should seek advice.

How much does equity release cost?

If you want to raise cash the extra money can involve a home valuation fee, a solicitors fee and an early repayment charge.  Interest rates can compare well with equity release plan options from other UK lenders.

If you want to raise money because of increased property prices as part of your retirement planning and financial freedom you should consider the costs involved.  Your tax position could change your state benefits from your local authority.

What are my other equity release options?

The two equity release options for smaller lump sums in later life are lifetime mortgages or a home reversion plan.  Taking equity release on your main residence and paying fully qualified solicitors fees should be your last resort.

Most lifetime mortgages let you release money with the help of a qualified advisor if you want to help a loved one get on the property ladder.  Its good to get a product that lets you make optional repayments if your personal situation allows.