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Our sister company Renew Life specialises in the arrangement of Life Insurance and other protection portfolio products including Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection.

Let Renew Life provide you and your family with the ultimate peace of mind and protection.

Why do people take out Renew Life Insurance?

The answer to this is simple – peace of mind. Not only for you but also your loved ones.

By having a Renew Life Insurance policy, it means your loved ones will receive a lump sum of cash upon your death. You can choose the amount the policy will pay out and you even choose the length of time you are covered for and how much you wish to pay each month towards the policy.

What do people use Life Insurance for?

Ultimately it is the choice of your loved ones what the lump sum would be used for however most policy holders use life cover for…

How much is Renew Life Insurance?

This is totally dependent upon each individual’s health, lifestyle and personal preferences about the cash pay-out, the term, and the premiums.

The amount you would like to be paid out is taken into account. Remember the higher the pay out the higher the premium will be. For this reason, it is often a good idea to have an idea of how much you would need or like your loved ones to receive. Take some time to think about how much you owe on your mortgage, joint debts and how much income your family would lose if you were no longer here to earn. Don’t forget to also think about the milestones and occasions you would have perhaps contributed towards, house purchases, settling down, marriages, children – you could still ensure you are part of those special times by planning ahead.

How long do you want the cover for? The longer the policy the higher the premium will be as the older you become the more likely you will pass away whilst still insured. Take some time to think about how long your family would need your financial support for.

What is your health and lifestyle like? Remember a healthy person will always pay less than a person who has medical problems or an unhealthy lifestyle and your family medical history can also impact the cost of your policy. This is not to say you won’t be able to get insurance it may just mean you pay slightly more.

What kinds of Life Insurance are available?

Level Term: A policy which pays a set amount upon your death. The pay out and your monthly premiums are arranged at the outset and will not change.

Decreasing Term: A policy where the amount of cover chosen reduces over time and therefore the pay-out made upon your death decreases. These types of policy are usually taken out alongside a mortgage, the mortgage balance reduces over the years as does the life cover.

Which Insurance Providers do Renew Life work with?

As Renew Life is independent, we are able to offer customers products from a panel of insurers. Including HSBC, LV=, Royal London, Aegon, Scottish Widows and One Family.

How do we arrange your Life Insurance policy?

Our specialist Renew Life Protection Consultants can arrange your policy remotely via the completion of an over the telephone application. You will then receive all your policy documents via email from Renew Life so no need to arrange a face to face meeting. If you prefer, Renew Life can also arrange for you to receive postal copies of your policies too.

What other insurance products do we arrange?

Renew Life can also arrange Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection products.

What is Critical Illness Cover?

Being diagnosed with a Critical Illness can cause you and your family life changing consequences.

By having Critical Illness Cover you are insured in case of this eventuality, upon diagnosis you simply make a claim and your pay-out will be made. This can ease the pressure of a reduced income or inability to work and provide comfort to you and your loved ones allowing you to concentrate on your health.

Why do people take out Critical Illness Cover?

The answer to this is simple – peace of mind. Not only for you but also your loved ones. Most policy holders use Critical Illness Cover for…

How much does Critical Illness Cover cost?

This depends upon your policy and your individual circumstances. The cost can be dependent upon your…

What is Income Protection?

Income Protection Insurance is a long-term Insurance Policy which is set up to help you if you are unwell or injured causing you to be unable to work. 

Why do people take out Income Protection Insurance?

The answer to this is simple – peace of mind. Unless you would be able to survive on sick pay, benefits or by support from family, friends or savings then the loss of your income could mean that you struggle to pay your bills.

Income Protection Insurance will replace part of your income and will continue to be paid until you are able to return to work again or you retire. It covers most illnesses that would prevent you from being able to work and you can claim on the policy as many times as you need to.

One thing to remember is that there is often a waiting period before the payments start. Most policies will require you to exhaust your sick pay entitlements before making a claim however if you are self-employed with no sick pay to fall back on then this sort of insurance policy is particularly relevant to you.

How much is Income Protection Insurance?

This depends upon your policy and your individual circumstances. The cost can be dependent upon your…

Why choose Renew Life?

Renew Life protects over 500 families per week and over 40,000 families to date so you can be sure you are in knowledgeable hands when choosing Renew Life to arrange your protection needs.

We truly believe that it is the Renew Life values that set us apart.

The Renew Life values are:

The Renew Life values are so important that we reward any employee who goes out their way to implement the values in their day to day job with a Renew Life Values Award.

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