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Renew Life protects over 500 families per week with Life Insurance and other protection products. Importantly, we invite every customer to leave Renew Life reviews about their experience with us.

Here are our most recent reviews for the Renew Life products:

How do customers leave reviews?

All our customers receive an SMS and email link to our review collection partner Gather Up, leaving a review is a quick and simple task.

What is Gather Up?

GatherUp (formerly GetFiveStars) is a customer experience and online review engine that we use to collect reviews directly from our customers.

Why is leaving a review so important?

We truly appreciate it when customers take time out of their day to leave feedback as these reviews are a fantastic way of monitoring our customers experiences with our company.

Renew Life has a strong focus on Company Values and reviews and feedback from our customers allow us to ensure that our team are living by our all-important company values in every customer engagement.

What are our Company Values?

Our Company Values are at the heart of everything we do.

How do we use Renew Life reviews?

Our Customer Experience Team monitors the Renew Life reviews on a daily basis and they then assesses the feedback against our company values for several reasons.

Firstly, to ensure we are rewarding excellent examples of employees demonstrating our company values.

Secondly, to ensure we take on board any areas related to our We Improve value that the review may have highlighted.

Reviews and feedback are therefore essential to the culture and also the development of our company.

In addition, reviews allow us to ensure that we are caring, delivering and improving in every customer engagement.

How do we reward our employees?

The focus on our Company Values is so important to us that we run a Values Award scheme.

Every month we reward employees who have either being nominated via email by a colleague, stakeholder or customer or who have received a personal thank you via a Renew Life review with a Values Award.

Our Values Awards consist of a handwritten awards card from our Directors detailing the nomination or review and how the values have been demonstrated. Each recipient also receives a £50 voucher which is kindly co-sponsored by our friends at HSBC.

We take such pride in our Values Award winners.

If you would like to nominate one of the Renew Life team for a Values Award simply mention them in your Renew Life review or drop us an email at

How do we improve from our reviews?

No person or business is perfect and there are always opportunities to improve, we understand and believe in this so much that we included it as 1 of our 5 Company Values – We Improve!

Renew Life reviews are a fantastic way of receiving suggestions for improvements or amendments to our customer experiences.

Our Customer Experience Team collate all feedback received via the Renew Life reviews to discuss at regular Customer Experience meetings with our Company Directors. We can then create action plans to make improvements and amendments to ensure that we are always improving and developing as people and as a company.

Where can you see the Renew Life reviews?

Renew Life reviews are collected via Gather Up and streamed live, as received, into our website. You can also keep up to date with feedback and reviews on our social media platforms where we regularly share new Renew Life reviews as well as other company news.

The team look forward to welcoming you as a customer of Renew Life and receiving your review!

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