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What is
equity release?

Equity release is a way to unlock some of the equity in your home, much the same as a remortgage, but without making repayments.

You have invested so much time, money and love into your home why not let it return the favour to make the most of your retirement years? Find out more about living your golden years to their true potential with Equity Release Mortgages from Renew Advice's trusted providers.

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Types of
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lifetime mortgage

Drawdown lifetime mortgages work much like lump sum lifetime mortgages, as there are no repayments, with the addition of flexibility.

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Lump sum
Lifetime Mortgage

A lifetime mortgage allows you to retain ownership of your home and access the equity it by securing a mortgage on it.

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Interest Repayment
Lifetime mortgage

This feature allows you to choose how much interest you want to pay, and for how many months (subject to a minimum requirement).

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We will allocate you a dedicated, local adviser to guide you through the Equity Release process and help you calculate your equity release. Our friendly advisers will be available for you to ask any questions.

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Very helpful and I would recommend it to some one else in the future very nice people I’m happy

Anthony M

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Excellent service and knowledgeable staff

Mr Liam R

Equity Release Mortgage testimonial-image

I am happy with the experience, the consultants were very professional and informative, thank you

Lesley D

Equity Release Mortgage testimonial-image

The information was very accurate, and the people I talked to very clear and understanding.

Mr Rene P

Case Studies

Brenda and George

Brenda and George had to make some adjustments to their bungalow and in doing so incurred a credit card debt and an outstanding loan. George sadly has Parkinson's Disease and Brenda has had to return to working part time in order to fund his £600 per month home care package.

Brenda’s ideal is to stop working and care for George herself. With the help of an Enhanced Equity Release Lifetime Mortgage this has become reality.

Case Studies

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We can guarantee a caring, friendly, superb service from professional individuals who will work with you to achieve your dreams of being able to remortgage to equity release, you can also rest assured that with our parent companies position in the financial industry, we are able to access exclusive deals with leading plan providers.

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