Mr Robson | Renew Advice

I needed to remortgage my mortgage free property, but this time to allow me to purchase another property on a Buy to Let basis, having never done this before, I was really nervous and unsure of the process. I contacted Renew Advice after seeing their posts on Facebook and knew instantly with their friendly approach to everything that I could trust them.

Within a few days I’d spoken to Dean and Lauren, and they had everything they needed, they were really transparent with time frames, and explained everything to me in terms I could understand, breaking down the jargon.

How did we make this happen?

  • We identified Mr Robson’s financial circumstances by completing a fact find and establishing his disposable income
  • We understood that Mr Robson was nervous, and took our time explaining everything to him in as much detail as possible, whilst keeping it as simple as possible
  • We ensured that Mr Robson knew what he needed to provide, allowing us to get all documents to the providers quickly, speeding up the process in general as we are aware of the extended turnaround times from lenders at the moment

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