Brenda and George had to make some adjustments to their bungalow and in doing so incurred a credit card debt and an outstanding loan. George sadly has Parkinson’s Disease and Brenda has had to return to working part time in order to fund his £600 per month home care package.

Brenda’s ideal is to stop working and care for George herself. With the help of an Enhanced Equity Release Lifetime Mortgage for £20,000 with the added option of drawing down further sums totalling over £100,000 in the future this has become reality.

Brenda and George have repaid their debts, Brenda has been able to retire and care for George herself and they have even managed to fund a small holiday to Scarborough where they have spent many happy summers together.

Key benefits:

  • Brenda and George have been able to access a lump sum of money and repay their debts
  • Brenda has been able to retire and care for George herself, meaning more precious time together before his disease worsens
  • They no longer have to pay for a home care package, or pay their credit card and loan payments therefore saving them almost £1000 per month
  • They have been able to remain in their home, in comfort with each other and even enjoy a short break away together to recharge their batteries
  • No monthly repayments
  • Flexibility to borrow more money in the future

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