Anna and Charlie | Renew Advice

In the last year we have tried twice to obtain mortgages for two different houses, we have a deposit ready and no adverse credit on our files. Both have fallen through, and we couldn’t help but feel this was partly due to the lack of urgency our previous mortgage broker had. We found we had to chase them several times, and they asked repeatedly for documents we had already sent, it was very frustrating!

After speaking to Renew Advice, we had the decision in principle and the application done within 24 hours, and we are now on our way to owning our new home. We can’t believe how quick Dean did everything, he was so efficient, and very knowledgeable. Everyone we have spoken to at Renew Advice has been so friendly, and we’ve had updates throughout the entire process so far. Very pleased, and happy with the service provided!

How did we make this happen?

  • Understanding that Anna and Charlie wanted this to be a smooth and quick process from start to finish
  • Searching the market and ensuring that the right mortgage was found to suit their needs
  • Listening to Anna and Charlie and understanding that they were nervous and conscious of time, ensuring that we were transparent throughout with realistic time frames, meaning they never had to chase us up

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