Robert and Valerie

Robert and Valerie are a married couple from Durham, they are both 73 and live in a 3 bedroom semi-detached house. The couple have a steady pension income but do not have access to much capital having used a lot of their lifetime savings to support their children with studies, weddings and house purchases.

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Brenda and George

Brenda and George had to make some adjustments to their bungalow and in doing so incurred a credit card debt and an outstanding loan. George sadly has Parkinson's Disease and Brenda has had to return to working part time in order to fund his £600 per month home care package.

Brenda’s ideal is to stop working and care for George herself. With the help of an Enhanced Equity Release Lifetime Mortgage this has become reality.

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Bill is a widowed Grandfather, he has lived in the same house for 45 years and it holds many happy memories of his late Wife and of raising their family together. Bills pension income just covers his living expenses and unfortunately his house has fallen into disrepair.

Bill has thought long and hard about selling the home and downsizing to a smaller home that requires no improvements or repair work but he found the thought too upsetting and was reluctant to even consider this option.

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Claudia is 73 years old, she does not have a private pension but does own her own property which is mortgage free. Claudia would like some additional money to maintain her standard of living during her retirement years.

Claudia has been unable to remortgage her property with a traditional residential mortgage lender, this is because of her age and her lack of income.

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* These case studies are worked examples and are for illustrative purposes only.

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